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.. And people ask me why I did hold all permissions for Porting or changing my meshes.

10 minutes searching and i've found my models used WAY too many times without credits, and a couple others where the credits were actually been stolen!

Man, sometimes i just seriously consider stop modelling....
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... Sooner or Later, they all do it.
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Another year has gone by... nothing special i should say.
Had a bad end of the year, with a lot of will i can imagine it going better, but somehow i won't bet on it.

Ah well.. let's try to keep the hope; at least i'm doing some nice drawings for a change.
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Finally having time to work at my 3d stuff.
It's been quite time since i did some decent CGI models in the middle of all that modding.

Hopefully I'll have my bot to post here soon.
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... To do the things you like to?

It's been pretty hard to find time to finish my current W.I.P. thankfully it's at least looking better than i expected when i started.

Hope to get it done soon.
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  • Playing: ST: Legacy.. shamefull stuff.
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Hmmm, what I can tell? I like drawing people a lot.
And gladly I have been doing it a lot recently, even more than the digital Art I'm more used to.

I just hope I can deliver all the drawings I've promissed recently... lots on the line. he he.

Seems like I'll need loads of free time, I just need to get rid of all this junk into my troat.
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  • Reading: dang.. I need to go to the bookstore.
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Well, this week some events helped me to remember that once before I become an architect, even before I become a 3d artist, I once used to draw a lot.
So, when I found my old full pencil it made 100% sense that I should go back to it and once again start to draw like I once did.
Now, I'm starting over on it, hence why I decided to create this little place.
Of course, now I'm still a 3d and 2d artist so I'll be using this place for both kind of expressions.

Once thing did not changed in all this time, All pieces of work carry a bit of my personnal feelings and express more than just a pic.

I strongly hope that in the future most of my stuff can carry some joy alongside them, but I'm still to skeptical about it.

Time will tell.
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